What are we teaching….

I have to rant a little, but I promise there's a reason - a purpose behind it. I've never understood why certain standards were set, particularly for young adults. (For this topic, I'm categorizing young adults as 16-26 years old.) This idea of living a perfect life, even if a general set of standards is … Continue reading What are we teaching….


Figuring things out

You know when you start a new chapter in your life and there is excitement, fear, anxiety and stress all coming and going? Sometimes it's a new job, new town, facing old demons, etc. For me, that new chapter was dropping my husband off at the white buses before a big plane took him miles … Continue reading Figuring things out

T25 Update

I am about four weeks into T25, which means I have one more week of the Alpha block and then another five blocks of the Beta block. I took my measurements and weighed myself at the beginning of the program and then again the Friday of Labor Day weekend. My weight didn't change, I mean … Continue reading T25 Update