Whole30 Adventures


I’ve been eating healthy for quite a while now. I mean I cut out gluten almost four years ago. I found gluten was the cause of my awful joint issues, bloating, the watermelon baby feeling in my tummy, and even some of my migraine issues. It was not easy! However, it was doable.

I have been struggling to find a balance with my relationship with food. I’ve been very restrictive with calories, I’ve over indulged, and I’ve beat myself up over my food choices.

I decided around Christmas that I needed to figure something else out. Being healthy isn’t just about 6-pack abs. It’s also about being balanced and mentally clear. I can’t keep going through vicious cycles that kill my self esteem!

Enter the Whole30 program. I had heard the program was tough; that it would be a challenge. I had also heard that it taught how to eat mostly paleo and have a HEALTHY relationship with food. I was sold.


I read through the initial chapters so I could prep and get the groceries needed. Do you know how much sugar is in even the healthy products?? I was a little intimidated. The almond milk I usually buy has sugar, and it’s not event the flavored kind. The coffee creamer that I just found and love is off limits. Even gum is a no-no. Worst yet, peanut butter is not allowed. Is your mind blown yet? I’m still accepting the separation from my adored, comfort: peanut butter.

It’s day 3 of the program and I’m tired and I feel like I’m randomly hungry. I mean I’m eating a substantial mount of food (real food mind you); so it can’t be an actual hunger. It has to be the lack of sugars.

Something interesting that I noticed while prepping for the 30 day challenge and the last couple of days; is that I’m craving candy and chocolate. I do have some dark chocolate that I usually keep on hand; but I rarely have candy in the house. My reasoning is that my brain just wants to be a rebel and have the sugary crap because it knows I can’t have it.

Besides the complaining (dude, no peanut butter) the program isn’t all that bad. I’ll keep you updated.


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