Our decisions…..

It’s been a little over two weeks since the election, and people are still upset. I understand not everyone was for the running candidates. To be honest, I wasn’t either.

I decided I needed to vote according to the issues that would have the greatest affect on my friends and family. Oddly enough, my husband and I didn’t vote for the same candidate. We didn’t argue or try to pressure one another, we simply discussed the issues that concerned us the most; and gave our reasons for why. Yes, it was a difficult position because I felt torn between being a supportive spouse and a supportive, empathetic friend/relative.

I could go deeper into the issues that I feel should be addressed, or talk about all the chaotic aftermath, instead I’m going to explore a different facet.

Prior to the election the most discussed topic I heard was “how did these two make it to the presidential election?” I’m being open about this and expect to receive the criticism. So here we go!

The results of the names on the voting ballot were because of our decisions. Our decisions as families, communities, states, and a nation. Think about it. We as a general, collective society thrive on drama and skeletons in the closet. Even if you consider your life to be relatively drama free you probably watch a show/movie that is rather dramatic. You seek it out and sink your teeth in.

Considering that is the kind of hunger in our society, how many completely worthy people would bother entering and working the campaign trails? It isn’t worth putting their family through all of the media manipulation and scrutiny.

We allow people to represent us whom we think are unfit. Yet, do nothing to change the culture of politicians that could potentially run our lives. I would imagine you could look back on the folks in your hometown and pick at least two people who you know without a doubt would be just, and worthy, and completely respected. However, you wouldn’t want them going through the media circus, having their family strained or their morals shaken and ridiculed. Right?

For some reason (I’m assuming psychological) the media and public have fed off of each other’s need and reaction to drama and ugly reality. Being a public figure is no longer about spreading a message or standing for a belief; it’s more about creating the biggest hype and landing on the cover of one of those trashy magazines at checkout.

I hope you are following me here. I tried to wait a few days to cool down before I attempted to form a sequential piece. Just so you know I’m not tearing down either candidate or political party. I’m simply pointing out that our culture, our decisions and actions, have made it difficult for upstanding citizens (that a huge majority could get behind) to WANT to represent us and the issues nearest to us.

Regardless of how well President elect Trump does in his time in office, we need to change our mindsets and focus on the kind of person we would appreciate representing us. I think we should try to move our society to one that attracts people with upstanding morals, strong work ethic, compassion, who are respected. Then when election time rolls around again, we as a nation, will feel better about making a decision. Maybe, just maybe, we can welcome said representative into office with applause and gratitude.


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