Schedules, routines, habits; are all important. Working off a clock or a calendar makes a huge difference in our sanity, productivity, and even how well we unwind.

A week ago my husband deployed. It’s his fourth deployment and my first. We have prepped for the deployment for the past two months. I even wrote out a loose schedule for the day of and the day after. Hoping that a schedule of some kind would help me get my life back together.

In theory, this was a great idea. In reality, it was a bust! I binged on Netflix and Hulu, ate cookies and chips; and only worked out 3/7 days. I would wake up some mornings and be okay and ready to start the day. Other days I would wake up and lay in bed for a while hoping it was spring already.

I’ve had slumps, and I’ve always bounced back. I was disappointed in myself because I had just spent the last couple of weeks pulling two-a-days and was starting to see more definition. The thing that made me even more upset…I promised. I promised my husband I would take care of myself. I would keep myself busy, healthy, and continue to work on my health and fitness goals.

Except I didn’t. The first week was a total disaster. An unnecessary disaster that I could have made better.

I’m not sharing this for the sympathy vibes or the eye rolls. I’m sharing because I’m stumbling. I preach health and fitness and I put my own at risk for a week. It happens. You choose nachos over grilled chicken. Hit Starbucks too many times in one week. Mindlessly munch through a bag of chips.

I’m giving myself a partial pass for an emotional overload. Tomorrow, Monday, I have a clean slate. I’ve already made plans to go on a jog up a canyon nearby. I’m doing a sneak peek workout later. The point is, I’m getting myself back on track.

My advice/well wishes/hope for you is that you take the bumps in the road in stride and keep moving forward. Don’t lose sight of your goal(s). Refocus and get excited for the next block of your journey that will be worth it!


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