Routines Matter!!

I’ve been thinking about the upcoming months. The change of season, holidays, schedules, daylight savings, and the overwhelm. Just thinking about that last sentence gets me a little panicked. What about you?


For most, September is a symbol of a slower pace, comfy clothes, and delicious homemade meals. Your life slows down and everyone around you appreciates the little things, like the leaves changing, right?

In my head, as I plan out my life and business appointments and obligations over the next few months; I have the optimistic Hallmark version in my head. When I think about everything in detail, I mean really get down to the nitty-gritty, the next three-four months are pure chaos.

I’m not a mom (Duke doesn’t go to school) and for the first time in a long while I am also not a student. I won’t have the crazy schedule of getting to all my classes and school activities; I also won’t experience running kids to football practice, debate meets, or FFA. However, I know quite a few of you are in that sinking ship right now and need a life vest.

On top of everyone else’s schedules running your life, you also have to plan out holidays. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years are some of the biggest and most celebrated holidays. I mean that’s why every retail store pushes to make mega millions in the fourth quarter. People procrastinate, panic, become overwhelmed and just throw money at whatever to make a holiday or event work.

I will be a temporary single dog mom while my husband serves overseas. My job has flexible hours and I can work most anywhere. Duke can be a handful, but really isn’t that bad. Yet, I’m feeling the weight and pressure from the “fourth quarter”.

The solution: get in a routine! Figure out a routine that honors your priorities and stick to it come hell or high water. Get a planner, use Google Calendar, find an app you love, but create a schedule. You might be thinking it’s extreme to schedule daily things, but let’s be honest. If it isn’t scheduled, it most likely won’t be a priority and happen.


Routines and schedules make life easier for everyone. Life seemed simpler when you were in school and your life was completely planned from 8:30-3:30-ish. You knew where you had to be, dress code, supplies, and any prep work that was needed. If you have a steady job with a consistent schedule you are probably in a similar routine. Think about how chaotic holidays can be. No one has a schedule. Everyone is doing something, whether they are supposed to be or not. You feel out of control. Your To Do List seems to multiply with your stress.

Do yourself a favor and figure out a scheduling system that compliments your routine and creates some breathing room and sanity in your life!


The Apps are amazing and I highly recommend them:

Evernote – syncs with your computer

Awesome Note – has color coded folders with alarms

Google Calendar – syncs the Google calendar on your desktop to your phone


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