T25 Update

I am about four weeks into T25, which means I have one more week of the Alpha block and then another five blocks of the Beta block. I took my measurements and weighed myself at the beginning of the program and then again the Friday of Labor Day weekend.

My weight didn’t change, I mean I’m not obese or unable to fit in my clothes, but after my concussion this spring I have packed on a few pounds. I know so many people who just shed the fat right off by doing this program. So I guess that was my expectation. I did lose about a half inch on my wait, belly, and about a quarter inch off my thighs.


To be honest I haven’t been completely focused on nutrition. I’ve eaten a little too much, had some foods that aren’t at the top of the hierarchy. I haven’t eaten on schedule or let my body fast enough between dinner and breakfast.

My excuses? My husband is deploying this fall, and the date is rapidly approaching. I feel like I’m crazy emotional and want to resort back to old habits of carbs for comfort. I know better. I remember how awful my body felt and performed. I remember how low my self esteem and confidence became by letting myself go. I don’t want to go back to that lifestyle, or mindset.

I’m working on consciously and strategically planning and prepping my meals and creating a good balance for protein, carbs, and healthy fats. I know how to do this….but those little sabotaging  demons make it difficult.

The other thing about my struggle is a new program and a new trainer. I have never done a Shaun T program. I have heard such great things about the programs he creates and the results that people get. So I made a commitment to stick out the ten weeks and be okay with whatever happened. Like I mentioned before, my weight is stagnant right now. On the other hand, my non scale victories are so motivating. I can do push ups on my toes for the whole round. I have noticed I am way more flexible when I do Piyo a couple days a week. I threw in a Turbofire workout last week because I just needed my happy workout for a day; and my round house kick was so much higher and my form was good.

I realize those small accomplishments probably aren’t noticeable to everyone around me, and maybe not even inspiring or motivating. To me it still shows growth.

I just learned some great new tips from a coach I look up to so much. She said fat loss is a direct result of nutrition, strength training, and cardio.  So, my goal for the next two weeks is to add in three days of strength training, three days of steady cardio, two days of HIIT training, and three days of active stretching like Piyo or Yoga. I know that strength training builds muscle which becomes a natural fat burner. So my next challenge is to focus on nutrition and encompassing strength training and cardio.

I will let you know how it goes!



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