Dude, don’t look at me…

Fat week. It is the worst week and on top of it being the worst week, there is always a worst day.

Seriously, I just wanna curl up on the couch and binge on Netflix and carbs. All carbs. Crunchy carbs. Salty carbs. Soft carbs. Everything, I need it. Don’t you even try to hide it from me, I have a sixth sense for locating the good stuff.

Problem is I’m a Health and Fitness Coach; so I’m not allowed to have those days. I’m co-running an accountability group right now; so I shouldn’t give in.

Well folks, I’m human! I had my shake, some yogurt and fruit, and then some chips. Yes, I know “but Ashley chips are bad for you, it’s junk food!”. I slipped up one day, well one snack really. While I was crunching down on my baked cheddar Ruffles Duke, the yellow lab dominating our lives, kept looking at me. His smiley face begging for a chip, it was like he was thinking “I know you aren’t supposed to have those so just give them to me”.

Cheddar Ruffles are one of my favorites! I was savoring each bite; I haven’t had any in a long time. Here’s the thing. The guilt trip set in as I was opening the bag, it got worse with each bite, then Duke was staring at me with drool coming out of the corners of his mouth.

“Dude, don’t look at me!”

He won. The chips left my hands, well only half of them. It is fat week and I already broke my will. A 100 calorie bag of chips split with Duke is better than the full size bag…right?

The point of sharing my little fail yesterday is to assure you that even people who are dedicated to becoming healthier and fitter have those days. Here is my advice. Acknowledge the slip up, forgive yourself, and move forward with a conscious effort to eat cleaner. Make sure you exercise and drink plenty of water. The slip up is already in the past; let’s not dwell on it.

Acknowledge the slip up, forgive yourself, and move forwardCUPCAKE


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